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The 100 plus members of EAA Chapter 227 are a diverse group of aviation enthusiasts from Northeast Iowa and beyond. Many members are pilots with ratings from Private Pilot through Commercial. Our non-pilot members are committed to promoting general aviation through participation in the many and varied activities the Chapter sponsors each year.

Our members have completed or are currently building a wide variety of experimental aircraft. These projects include a Taylor Monoplane, Cozy, LongEZE, RV-4, RV-6, Kitfox, Avid Magnum, Mountain Eagle, Piel Diamont, BD4, Rotoway Exec, and Zenith Zodiac. Several of our members have restored classic airplanes and others have built a variety of ultralight aircraft. We have members with balloon and glider pilots licenses and also some skydivers in our Chapter.

Women have long been involved in our Chapter. Some are active pilots while others are involved in Chapter activities, events and as voting members through the family membership. We encourage family participation, and its not unusual to have everyone in the family involved in our activities.

Our Chapter actively strives to promote general aviation and is a strong supporter of the EAA Young Eagles Program. This program is designed to expose young people, ages 8 to 17, to aviation by providing free rides in small aircraft flown by experienced EAA members. Our Chapter has flown over 2000 children to date.

Our Chapter has a number of aviation events throughout the year. The first Saturday of each month we gather for breakfast and fellowship. The third Thursday of each month is our regular Chapter business meeting followed by a program. Yearly events include a Chapter picnic, Ladies Night Out, and our Christmas Party. Other events include: fly-in breakfasts, group fly-outs, field trips, and Young Eagles Day. You will also enjoy a subscription to our monthly TowerTalk newsletter and easy access to aviation and Chapter news through our website.