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Members' Aircraft

Bill Bell

Bill Bell's 1959 Piper Comanche

Bob Dieter & Matt Evers

Bob Dieter and Matt Evers'
1975 Cherokee 180

Randy Dunham

Randy Dunham's 1961 Cessna 172B

Marty Hoel

Marty Hoel's 1967 Cessna Cardinal

Mark Hissey

Mark Hissey's 1980 Archer II

Mike Lewis Diamant

Mike Lewis' 1987 Diamant

Mike Lewis RV

Mike Lewis' 1995 RV-4

John Peacock

John Peacock's 2003 Mustang II

Jim Salyer

Jim Salyer's 1946 J-3 Cub

Dick Winegarden

Dick Winegarden's 1946 Luscombe

Lee Bowden

Lee Bowden's 1945 Taylorcraft

Ann & Carl Campbell

Carl & Ann Campbellā€™s
1972 Cherokee 140

Lee Dudley

Lee Dudley's 1970 Jodel D-11

Mel Hemann

Mel Hemann's 1998 RV-6

Tom Jones

Tom Jones' 1999 Rotoway Exec

Mel Kubicek

Mel Kubicek's 1977 Mooney M-20J

Norm Muzzy

Norm Muzzy's 2003 Cozy Mk IV

Dale Nelson

Dale Nelson's 1941 J-5A Super Cub

Chuck Rottinghaus

Chuck Rottinghaus' 1958 Cessna 175

Gary Witcombe

Gary Witcombe's
1953 Piper Tripacer


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